Advanced Next-Gen Indicators


Automated Setting Adjustments


Zero Repaint or Delay


Continuous Real-Time Adaptation


Iron Dome:

  • Crypto / FX / Stocks / Indicies / Metals
  • Buy/Sell Signals, TP1, TP2 & SL
  • Iron Dome alerts when heavy institutional buy/sell entries are identified.
  • Utilizing our proprietary "data rhythms" script to distinguish between retail and institutional trader entries.
  • Automatically adjusts settings based on the asset and timeframe, requiring no manual intervention.
  • No Delay or Repaint
  • Trusted by multiple funds and trading desks

Iron Dome:

  • Crypto / FX / Stocks / Indicies / Metals
  • Buy/Sell Signals, TP1, TP2 & SL
  • Total volume analysis:
  • Net volume evaluation
  • TPO charts (time, price, opportunity)
  • COT reports (commitment of traders)
  • Institutional supply and demand
  • Auction market theory



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Subscribe to the Iron Dome  Bundle, perfect for active individual traders.

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Unleash the Force of Proven Signals and Precision Indicators for Unrivaled Performance

Data Driven Profits

Maximize Profits with Data-Driven Precision: Our signals and indicators continuously evolve, perpetually refining their insights. This ongoing enhancement is seamlessly and automatically updated to the user’s end, ensuring a relentless pursuit of improvement.

Advanced Settings

We meticulously customize settings for each asset and time frame based on insights from hundreds of thousands of backtests. Leave your worries behind – our signals and indicators seamlessly adjust settings, ensuring optimal performance across all assets and time frames. Experience market-leading accuracy with our signals, delivering the highest probability signals in the market.

Optimal Signal Threshold

Our algorithms are designed to ensure that no signal with less than a 70% probability of reaching the indicated take profit is ever sent. Users have the flexibility to customize the minimum threshold to their preference. For instance, setting it at 80% ensures that our signals will only trigger when backed by a rigorous back tested probability of 80% or higher, providing users with tailored control over signal reliability.


Elevating Trading with Cutting-Edge Data Insights.
dRisk Analytics leads the way as a forefront data analytics firm, committed to providing traders with a unique set of trading algorithms and indicators. Crafted through advanced data analysis and quantitative techniques, our platform offers a distinctive advantage in the fast-paced world of financial markets.
Our team at dRisk has developed and optimized the only five indicators you will ever need: Compass, TrendX, Iron Dome, Delta, and Crossbow. These indicators are meticulously designed to operate autonomously yet harmoniously, offering traders a competitive edge.

Welcome to dRisk Analytics, home to the only five indicators you'll ever need: Compass, TrendX, Iron Dome, Delta, and Crossbow.
With over 2.2 million entries analyzed across various financial markets, including commodities equities, stocks, and cryptocurrencies. Our algorithms and indicators have been meticulously back-tested and forward tested to ensure their accuracy and reliability, making them battle-tested and ready to empower you in your trading journey.
The team at dRisk is a group of mathematical and data driven day traders, some of whom hold PHD's in there respected fields. All our products are meticulously backtested and forwarded tested. All our indicators started their life as an automated trading system or EA. This allows us to continuously back test and optimize. We are one of the only firms providing access to indicators that actually have proven and tested results. And YES the team at dRisk currently uses our beloved products to trade live entries.

At dRisk Analytics, we are proud to present Compass, a sophisticated and powerful custom-built indicator designed to identify high probability directional moves using advanced quantitative measures and data analytics. Compass can be applied across all time frames and asset classes including Crypto, FX, Equities and Commodities, allowing you to make well-informed trading decisions with confidence.

TrendX represents a ground-breaking leap in the world of trading indicators. Unlike traditional tools such as MACD, RSI, or Stochastic, which often suffer from lag and delayed signals, TrendX harnesses the power of data and predictive mathematics to provide real-time alerts when price is either overbought or oversold.
The problem with many existing indicators is their reliance on historical data, causing them to lag behind the market's current movements. This limitation poses challenges for both professionals and algorithmic traders who require timely and accurate information. TrendX solves this problem.
There is no doubt that TrendX is the most powerful ob/os indicator avaliable on the market.

Introducing Iron Dome, the premier indicator trusted by a handful of institutions. Unlike any other, Iron Dome analyzes data flow, distinguishing between retail and institutional entries using a proprietary method known as "data rhythm." This innovative approach filters orders, enabling you to anticipate significant market movements orchestrated by institutional traders.
Institutional traders often employ sophisticated tactics to trap retail traders, a strategy commonly known as a "stop hunt." They typically identify key price levels where retail traders have placed stop-loss orders, which are orders to sell a security if it reaches a certain price.
Institutional traders then deliberately push the price towards these levels, triggering the stop-loss orders and causing a cascade of selling pressure. This allows them to buy at lower prices, taking advantage of the temporary dip in price created by the stop-loss orders.
With Iron Dome, you can accurately detect institutional buying or selling activity, signaling a high probability of price movement in the direction of these orders. This enables you to align your trades with the current market trend, increasing your chances of success. Instead of swimming against the tide, Iron Dome empowers you to flow with the market, enhancing your trading decisions.

Moving averages (MA) or Exponential Moving Averages (EMA) are among the most widely used indicators globally. The common mistake is assuming that each asset should have the same settings. However, the truth is that every asset has its own optimal MA/EMA setting, and delving deeper, each timeframe within each asset has its unique optimal settings.
Crossbow takes care of all these nuances for you. It automatically adjusts settings based on the asset and timeframe you are on, ensuring hands-free optimization. These settings are also optimized to seamlessly integrate with our other indicators.
Crossbow is undoubtedly the most powerful MA/EMA indicator on the market.

We're excited to introduce you to Delta, a unique indicator meticulously crafted by our team. Delta takes its name from Delta Zones, often referred to as zones or horizontal sensitivity levels. Unlike many other indicators, Delta is manually placed by our experts but seamlessly executed on your charts.
Methods for Identifying Delta Zones:
Total Volume Analysis: One valuable approach involves a comprehensive examination of total trading volume at various price levels, offering valuable insights into market activity and interest.
Net Volume Evaluation: Analyzing net volume, which represents the difference between buy and sell volumes at different price levels, is a powerful method for identifying Delta Zones with significant imbalances.
TPO Charts (Time, Price, Opportunity): TPO charts, offering a visual representation of trading activity over time, help traders visualize price trends and identify key opportunity levels for Delta Zone analysis.
COT Reports (Commitment of Traders): Leveraging the insights from Commitment of Traders reports, which provide data on the positions and sentiment of major market participants, is invaluable for identifying zones favored for accumulation or distribution.
Institutional Supply and Demand: Keeping a close eye on institutional behavior and their demand for substantial accumulation or distribution in specific price regions plays a pivotal role in determining Delta Zones.
Auction Market Theory: This theory delves into market dynamics, exploring the intricate interplay of supply and demand. It equips traders with the knowledge needed to understand the forces driving price movements and locate zones of significant buying or selling activity.

At dRisk Analytics, we are a team of mathematically and data-driven individuals committed to revolutionizing the trading world. Central to our mission are five exceptional indicators: Compass, TrendX, Iron Dome, Delta, and Crossbow, designed to significantly increase the probability of success. What sets us apart is that all our indicators, except Delta and Crossbow, are currently automated trading systems. Unlike others, we first create profitable automated systems that are then converted into indicators only after rigorous testing, including thousands of back-tests, forward-tests, and finally live testing.
We plan to release the automated versions of our indicators to the public in the future.